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Supreme Elysia - 4 Bed Private Floor Residences Santacruz West

Sarojini Road, Off Linking Road,
Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054


Creating an address for tranquility

How do opinion leaders recharge their batteries? Some seek out the tranquillity of wide open spaces; others look for peace in the company of trees. Still others spot their reset buttons in magnificent sunsets or an inky blue sky lit up with stars. The only challenge is that all these inspiring experiences are usually so far away from Mumbai that they can, at best, be occasional guilty pleasures. We wondered - ‘What if we could build tranquility and inspiration into homes for thought leaders to enjoy every day? And Supreme Elysia was born.


• Stunning art deco inspired elevation
• Majestic double height entrance lobby
• Landscaped zen garden
• Expansive living and dining spaces
• 4 king-sized bedrooms
• Luxuriously large balconies
• Vastu compliant
• Rooftop tranquility pool
• Rooftop lounge

Maharera Number: P51800034860

Location Highlights

An exclusively quiet neighbourhood, reassuringly well connected

Supreme Elysia is nestled in a quiet, tree-lined lane, a minute’s drive from Linking Road. So that you get the peace you so richly deserve, and the connectivity that work demands.


Midtown Mumbai is home to one of the last remaining enclaves of a time when life in the city was more relaxed and unhurried. Dadar Parsi Colony, built in the early 1900s, is still a place where your kids can ride bicycles on wide, tree-lined streets and where you can unwind with a stroll or a chat with friends in the lush environs of Five Gardens. Even the architecture harks back to a time when beauty was as important as function, with residences adorned with gothic and art deco details. Living here offers a daily escape from the grind and the grime of the city.

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