What Makes Horizontal Living Different?

  • By Supreme
  • January 27, 2023
  • Blog

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they want to move away from the troubles that come from having to change from one rental property to another every few years. And everyone has the dream of having a nest of their own one day. Eventually, when you have the funds, you want to move out of the rental property and get yourself a home that you can call your own. Before taking a call in favor of a horizontal home or an independent house, make sure that you do your research right. Buying a house is the biggest investment in most people’s lives. So, the decision of making that investment must be made after thorough research. Let’s dive deeper into the details of what makes horizontal living different from the rest.

No Location Constraints:

There are no restrictions on the location of independent houses. They can be constructed almost anywhere. However, remote locations can also be an issue in usual commuting. What if you could have the best of both worlds? Supreme Villagio in Somatane, Pune, for example, is a project with horizontal properties in Pune, a grand villa township nestled away from the chaos but well connected to the outside world while also offering complete serenity within the development with a host of luxury and convenient amenities.

Space is In Abundance:

A rowhouse or horizontal living is an example of an independent house. Horizontal houses and villas are both individual homes with enough space to accommodate large families. In most cases, villas or horizontal homes are built without regard for space, and their architecture incorporates contemporary elements and is also quite opulent. In terms of architecture, these structural projects are also quite conventional in their design with the inclusion of modern materials, amenities, and so on. 

Lack Of Amenities? What’s That?

When it comes to horizontal homes and projects, there is no shortage of amenities for residents. Swimming pools, gymnasiums, parks, sports arenas, children’s playgrounds, and other amenities are available. Independent homes can have as many amenities as you can afford, and if the project is a township, developers make sure to offer you modern apartment living with a touch of customization and a whole lot of opulent amenities. 

Why is Horizontal Living Becoming Popular?

Today home buyers are looking for a change and something different. The ones who are seeking the next stage of premium living are ready to invest in projects that offer great ROI and match up to their expectations. Customization is the biggest attractive factor in any sector you go and that is exactly what horizontal homes give you. The sense of privacy too is lovable for all which is why the demand for such properties has risen to a significant high. Horizontal living provides amenities that apartments do not, such as backyards and no upstairs neighbours, while also offering the ideal blend of the two most traditional options. Horizontal living also offers 

As mentioned above, home buyers and renters are going above and beyond in what they’re looking for as home ownership is a vital investment. Going synonymous with the same sentiment, Supreme Universal is has launched  premium horizontal properties in Pune called Supreme Villagio. The passion project, nestled in the quiet hills of Somatane is a property in Pune that stands out from the rest. Supreme Villagio is a horizontal living township that exudes the colours of sustainability, with aspects of earth inspiring and soulful living. With a catalog of premium amenities, facilities, and superior connectivity options for traveling toward Pune or Mumbai, Supreme Villagio is a supremely ideal way of living away from the mayhem.

Recently, Supreme Universal – Pune and Mumbai’s top developers were lauded with an accolade for the best landscape design for Supreme Villagio by Economic Times. With so much to offer, come be a part of this premium lifestyle where Supreme Once again brings spaces to life.