Dadar Parsi Colony: Now, You Can Move into one of Mumbai’s Most Aspirational Localities!

  • By Supreme
  • January 19, 2021
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If you have ever wanted to own a home close to Dadar Parsi Colony, with its 14 gardens and numerous tree-lined avenues, now’s your chance! This prized residential locality offers the perfect combination of serenity and connectivity. 

Minutes away from one of the busiest locations in Mumbai at Dadar is a genteel oasis of green. As you turn your back on the traffic at Khodadad Circle and enter the Dadar Parsi Colony, you will see a marble bust of its founder – Mancherji Edulji Joshi. The air is suddenly cooler as one moves along the shaded avenue that leads you to the circular Five Gardens.

Here, once upon a time, a musical band used to perform every Sunday at the fountain; the band no longer plays, but the entire Colony is still rich with a huge variety of trees every way that you look. Many of the avenues here have one particular type of tree; for instance, Jade Jamshed Road is lined with Ashoka trees and the Firdausi Road has Mahogany. With the arrival of spring and autumn, their magic comes to life; every street is carpeted with leaves and flowers from the trees, making even walking down a normal road a beautiful experience.

The Five Gardens residential area of Dadar Parsi Colony has not five, but 14 gardens. They go back to the vision of its extraordinary founder, Mr. Joshi, a far-sighted philanthropist who was working under the British for the ‘Bombay Improvement Trust’ as the BMC was then called. It was the early twentieth century and Mr. Joshi wanted to create a residential colony for the Parsis, the community to which he belonged. He asked the Trust authorities for a plot of land in Dadar, a location that has now become the heart of the city. 

Mr. Joshi wanted to create a cool and pretty space that could provide the best of everything to its residents – from a school to a fire temple, a gymkhana, and a ‘madressa’, where children could undergo training to become priests. Designed to decongest the city after the Bombay Bubonic Plague that broke out in September 1896, this is said to be the first planned area of the city, with designated areas for homes, greenery, schools, and colleges, with proximity to transport. Decades later, even as Mumbai has grown chaotically around it, the area retains its old-world charm and its stunning variety of foliage. The timeless buildings, many of them in neoclassical style, have clean lines and saucer-shaped balconies, reflecting the stylish sensibilities of the time; many of them retain their original structures and lovely mosaic tiles.

“While one sees a concrete jungle everywhere otherwise, Parsi Colony is a place with the maximum greenery and birds,” says Heral Mehta, a real estate professional in the area. “The area has trees and plants that you will usually find only if you go to a nursery.” Parsi Colony, he adds, is not a gated community, “but it gives you the feeling of being one.” He also points out that while this is not a ‘commercialised’ location, it offers the convenience of a marketplace. “It also has the best of schools,” he says.

Ketan Shah, another real estate professional whose core area of business spans Dadar, Matunga, Wadala, and Sion, agrees. “This is a silent location, with a lot of greenery and very little traffic and pollution,” he says.

Now, this is set to change. If you have ever wanted to live in an area that is an oasis of green in the heart of the city then look out for an exciting new project from Supreme Universal, a company that is known for the benchmarks that it sets! In this new year, Supreme Melange is all set to redefine the skyline at Dadar, bringing you the best of both — gracious living with easy connectivity. It is Supreme Universal’s first foray in this exciting location, and it won’t be long now! 

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