Construction of properties in Pune boosts in the last one year despite the second lockdown.

  • By Supreme
  • March 29, 2022
  • Blog

Coronavirus was at an all-time high in the previous lockdown, everything from businesses to real estate was severely impacted. However, the construction of properties in Pune did not experience any lows. It is because of the promising amenities and jaw-dropping facilities that the properties in Pune have to offer. Needless to say, the esteemed properties in Pune have been people’s choice forever. Moreover, it is the result of decades of trust and legacy that the much-demanded properties in Pune leave behind an impact on its residents.

Amidst the promising properties in Pune, there exists one such extraordinary project with the name Supreme Estia. Not just the name but the qualities are supreme as well.

Even though you can find an ample number of housing projects in Pune, Supreme Estia stands different and unique from the crowd. Moreover, the aim is to stay relevant to the contemporary lifestyles of the population to bring the best out of the project for the residents. And it is evident as the Supreme Estia properties have served 3500+ happy families with 70+ projects delivered in Mumbai and Pune altogether.

Specifications that the Supreme Estia offers its residents are unmatched. An expansive and exclusive green boulevard, a double-height elite-looking entrance lobby for a grand entry to your dream house every time. Furthermore, there are many choices in the residence sizes, made for every type of family. For example, you can find a lavish 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and properties in Pune up to 4 BHK with 45000 square feet of centrally planned amenities to ease your life and living.

Taking a healthy lifestyle into consideration, Supreme & its brilliant properties in Pune , Supreme Estia has come up with extraordinary amenities. A fully equipped gymnasium, a dedicated studio space for yoga and functional training like aerobics, and you can also find a massive outdoor swimming pool for the love of the swimmer residents.

For the kids’ population, Supreme Estia have built dedicated indoor and outdoor kids’ play areas. Moreover, a half basketball court for the tiny sports persons. Music room and a multipurpose ground with a separate kids’ pool to facilitate the sports and extracurricular wants of your little one. The Supreme Estia properties in Pune have taken utmost care to suit their residents from all age groups.

Moreover, the property includes a separate senior citizen area with a dedicated indoor sitting with games. Furthermore, in-built walking tracks facilitate great health walks to the senior citizens right near to their residence.

Balancing your work-life, Supreme Estia has introduced community amenities as well. To prioritise your leisure time when off-duty, the project has a beautiful banquet hall for get-togethers, an outdoor party lawn. Not to forget that your dream house should not compromise on any of the facilities, therefore Supreme Estia properties in Pune are indeed great deals for your futuristic needs! A piece of exciting news for the future residents of Supreme Estia is that you get a fully functional medical room, a convenience store, and even a crèche at no distance from your residential property. Thus, a real-time great investment that can fetch you a millions of opportunities for an easier life!

In addition to this, premium and top-in-class quality materials are used in the building Supreme Estia. The project, Supreme Estia, has been rightly named after the Greek goddess of the hearth.

Finally, to conclude, the safety and the elegance of your family is the primary concern of Supreme Estia properties in Pune. A full-proof security system to keep your family away from mishaps, the properties by Supreme Estia in Pune are well- equipped. With all the jaw-dropping facilities and top-notch amenities, Supreme Estia properties have been people’s choice forever. Thus, keeping with all the modern-day requirements; the construction of these stunning properties in Pune has witnessed a spike along with handsome investment.