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At Supreme, we believe in building a legacy that can stand the test of time. With every initiative and with every development, we focus on creating sustainable influence, assuring that our mark of supremacy is imprinted forever.

At each step, we internalize the credence that we are not only building you a home, but are also nurturing a legacy that is superlative, honorable and SUPREME. Every beam is designed meticulously, every nail is driven with passion and every element is envisaged to perfection. Because we are not just building dazzling structures, but are also cultivating deeper affiliations.

Founded and nurtured by the visionary Mr. Ramesh Bijlani, Supreme Universal has achieved newer heights ever since. Our seasoned, professional crew can integrate a wide range of designs and technologies to create intricate and aesthetically outstanding structures that both meet and exceed workmanship standards. With expertise always on hand, we are proficient in effectively coordinating and delivering superlative work under aggressive deadlines.

Over the last 36 years, we have progressed incomparably – but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to upholding the highest standards in customer service and architectural excellence. Because we believe that quality and service are the most important characteristics of any thriving and customer-oriented business.

With our every effort to outdo ourselves, Supreme Universal takes pride in crafting a legacy that is here to stay!


At Supreme Universal, excellence is a way of life. Because we just not endorse excellence, but relentlessly engage with it.

Since 1982, we are creating abodes that are inimitable and are built to be appreciated for generations. At Supreme Universal, every ordinary facet deserves extraordinary attention because we are continually translating your love into each element of your unrivaled home. Through myriad projects and noteworthy masterpieces, Supreme Universal has succeeded in creating spaces that not just elevate lifestyle, but surpass benchmarks progressively.

In the ever-evolving real-estate business, we are evolving magnificently and SUPREMELY.

Supreme Universal Vision & Mission


To be first choice in the Indian real estate Business for every Customer, Employee, Land Owner and Investor.


To spread happiness by transforming lives.



Mr. Ramesh Bijlani


Mr. Ramesh Bijlani founded Supreme Universal in the year 1982. Presently the Chairman of the Supreme Group, this 1st first generation magnate nurtured a dream to transform the skylines of Mumbai. Engaging his consummate knowledge of construction and the real estate market, amazing aptitude and superb energies, He built the Supreme Empire, ensuring unprecedented growth and success. A Management Graduate from Mumbai, Mr. Bijlani is armed with a rich experience of close to 40 illustrious years. His expertise in PR, land acquisition transactions and Government liaising is unparalleled. His life mantra has always been - Big journeys begin with small steps. Therefore, he continues to experiment, learn and grow every day, even today. Apart from his passion for business, Mr. Bijlani enjoys reading and travelling to unexplored destinations.

Mr. Suresh Jumani


Mr. Suresh Jumani, a first generation entrepreneur, gave wings to his brilliant vision and founded Supreme Universal in 1982. A Management Graduate from Mumbai, Mr. Jumani took it upon himself to build exemplary structures after seeing a shortage of good quality, affordable homes in the city. With 42 years of matchless experience, Mr. Suresh Jumani, as the Promoter, has been instrumental in piloting Supreme Universal towards brilliance and invention. His unquestionably fixated determination to conceptualize and implement strategies and his colossal experience in the finance, construction and planning sectors speak volumes about the value Mr. Jumani brings to Supreme Universal. His personal and attentive involvement in the engineering division has helped the business scale greater heights. He lives by the philosophy – If the plan does not work, change the plan—but never the goal. A simple and modest individual, he strongly advocates transparency, customer centricity, high quality standards and integrity.

Mr. Vishal Jumani

Joint Managing Director

A Business Graduate and with a rich experience of 18 years Mr.Vishal Jumani is presently spearheading Supreme Universal as Joint Managing Director . As a strategic and Business leadership, he brings in fresh dynamism to the business and channelizes his exuberances in spearheading to achieve the Business Goals for the group. He has been involved in the entire spectrum of business activities and managing the day to day operations of the group . Mr.Jumanis passion for architecture and his deep involvement in Design & Planning has helped him win several accolades in the industry.
By modelling an enabling environment and taking on the leadership role , he has given Supreme Universal the affirmative transformation it deserved .

Mr. Sunny Bijlani

Joint Managing Director

Mr. Sunny Bijlani, a zealous and dedicated professional, is a second-generation entrepreneur. A Management Graduate and alumni of the revered Jai Hind College, Mr. Bijlani has undertaken and outshone at courses in the Real Estate Management domain from Harvard Business School. His previous stint with Axis Risk Consulting (then part of the Ambit RSM Group) and his 10-years affiliation with Supreme have helped him sharpen his skills and perfect his business expertise. Leveraging exceptional management strategies and his proficiency in Finance, Mr. Sunny Bijlani has developed robust frameworks that have shaped the company’s business. Focused on the intersection of business growth and technology, Mr. Bijlani has been instrumental in executing avant-garde auditing and system control practices. Proficient in redevelopment projects, he manages the day-to-day activities for Mumbai. His business knowledge has been continually praised and was testified by the 'Young Achievers Award 2017' by Realty Plus. He lives by the leading statement that 'What seems like an end is often a beginning'.


    Dear Benefactor,

Welcome to Supreme Universal.

From an ordinary beginning, Supreme Universal has come a long way today to become a celebrated brand that is prized for its vision, inventiveness, reliance and customer-centricity. With our forward-looking assertiveness, we continue to craft spaces that remain admirable for generations.

Our professionalism, avant-garde approaches, perceptive design competences coupled with our emphasis on fostering relationships, have set us a class apart. Most significantly, as we navigate through the short-term challenges and changes, we become even more focused on our long-term vision. Looking positively towards newer segments, diverse geographies and innovative technologies we are primed to ride on the ensuing wave of growth.

With a solid squad and snowballing expertise, we at Supreme Universal are going from strength to strength ensuring that the business remains both strong and dynamic.

In entirety, our perseverance and the confidence of our patrons, augments the prospects of success at every step for Supreme Universal.

Thank you for inspiring us!